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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  April 12, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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www.m. >> now it's complete coverage, wjz, maryland's news station. new taxes and fees for city residents? did. >> the mayor's new plan that cory investors proposed police and fire budget cuts. hi everyone, i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. the mayor introduced her new plan to save the city's budget. she wants to raise taxes but says it could save jobs previous i couldn't go leon the block. mike breaks town the numbers. >> reporter: the city police and fire departments would get most of the money they have been fighting for but more than 200 city jobs would disappear and you'd pay new taxes on everything from hospital beds to beverages. mayor rolls blake laid out a new set of taxes which would restore funding to police and fire who decimated by a $121
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million budget gap. >> from all whom i've spoken to, understands that there are going to be a shared burden, they want to make sure it's equity and want to make sure they can still move forward. >> reporter: while many would be restored, some have drawn controversy including a 4-cent bottle tax that some say they would hurt their business. >> when you choose to not go get soda because it's more expensive. >> reporter: there would be an utility tax to raise the average bill by 60 cents, an increase in parking rates and parking fines, the hotel tax, the income tax increase, and a fee on hospital beds. >> it's a good package. because i have to restore my senior programs. that's first. and i think that police department and fire should
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always be held harm less. we've got to do that. but what bothers me is when i think about the non-profits, the health care, i got to look at that carefully because i don't want all that to be passed onto the patient. >> reporter: those fees only raise 50 million needed and the city would still cut 250 jobs. no police officers would go but the police department would lose 50 contractual positions. one thing that would not go up is your property taxes but the budget process is far from over. you can expect a lot more wrangling here at city hall. mike helm green, wjz eyewitness news. the council must approve the final budget by june 25th. the final hours of the 2010 general assembly are ticking down and lawmakers still have a lot of work to do. we're live in the newsroom with one of the major issues still unresolved. vick? >> one of the most emotional
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things going on is the more serious penalties for sex offenders. recommend gives of samantha fox moved in and wanting 15 to 30 years for sex offenders. the girl's mother says she is an free the bills haven't been passed yet. >> basically i don't understand why they won't step up and go ahead and pass it and sign it and it's to protect our children. you know. our children should be our first priority. you know. and being a parent of a child who was brutally murdered wii a registered sex offender i'm absolutely appalled that this is even an issue. >> the house has approved a mandatory 15 year prison sentence t senate version of the bill makes a mandatory 20 year sentence. they have until midnight to work out the difference in the bills. >> pat warren is at the state house, she will have an update
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on the changes live tonight. a gas main is struck in a busy residential area on putty hill avenue inure the 2010 of harford road. police quickly stopped traffic, while bce investigatessed the situation. no evacuations wereness. no one was hurt. one suspect is in custody and another on the loose after a teen is stabbed in anne arundel county. 17-year-old demetrius manar stabbed an 18-year-old man on 17th and severence. he is charged with attempted first degree murder and weapons charges. if you have any information about in case you're asked to call metro crimestoppers 18667- lockup. >> a grand jury in georgia will decide whether charges should be laid against ben
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roethlisberger. >> reporter: a 20-year-old college sophomore said she was assaulted by role in the bar. edgar, has maintained all along that his client is innocent. it's the second time in a year that role has been accused of sexual misconduct. he also faces a lawsuit filed by a woman who says he raped her in a 2008 lake tahoe hotel and casino. another allegation he denies. marry. >> adam, thank you. nfl commissioner roger goodell is expected to meet with role sometime this week. young women who drink alcohol may put themselves at a higher risk of breast cancer. san trai muse explains the critical link. >> reporter: there is nothing to toast in the latest findings that alcohol may be linked to benign breast disease in young women. a new study that looked at 16 to 23-year-olds found the more
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they drank the higher their risk. benign breast disease is a mixed group of different conditions like lumps or sifts and they can be a warning sign. >> it is thought to be a marker of an increased risk of breast cancer so when we consider them altogether women on average have about a 50% increased risk of developing breast cancer. >> reporter: young women who drank 6 to 7 days per week had more than five times the risk of benign breast disease than young women who never drank. women who drank 3 to 5 days a week had 3 times the risk. >> women should really consider modifying their alcohol intake. >> reporter: researchers believe the connection between alcohol and breast cancer can be found in the hormone estrogen. drinking increases estrogen levels so drinking more increases the risk. it's a wake-up call after a study that found that binge drinking among college women in their 20s reached a whopping
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38% in 2006. but, with all this evidence, it still may be hard to convince young women to abstain. >> if you listened to every report that came out you would have to stop living your life. >> maybe i should think about it because i'm drinking in college. >> reporter: they hope the study will at least give young women a the facts to consider before they order that next drink. wjz eyewitness news. in maryland alone there were approximately 4,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed last year. well with the warm weekend weather is sticking around to help us start off the week in good form, it is clear an sumpy. wjz has weather, bernadette woods is here with the updated weather for first alert weather. >> hello, what a fantastic afternoon it is. when i say doppler first warning radar, noting going on. just sunshine and warmer temperatures once again. a cold front went through
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overnight. just not a whole lot to it. but the front is going to setup over the area and open the date for this next storm to move our direction. some of the rain from it will ride along that front and move our way starting tomorrow. when it does, it is going to be a cooler day but it's not going to last that long. we'll have your forecast coming up shortly. kai. >> thank you. high kristi. >> high in kai. hi everyone. we do have a busy start out there on the beltway system. if you are traveling you will see some delays from delay valley road, also from green spring avenue to false roads. moving over to the west side, bump tore bumper, frederick road to security boulevarden that interloop, as far as 95 goes in that southbound direction you will see some, won't hold you up too long, as far as accidents go in ran deals town, al lens wood town and in middle river we have a crash, middle river road at martin boulevard. as far as city accidents go, 3
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to update you on there, east to madison on false way, east to chase on grams, green mount, and at caroline. let's take a look, and over there 95 tops at the for the mchenry tunnel we're getting by without too much difficulty. this is brought to you by subway. coming to subway where many of your foot long continue to be $5 each. like the mag nahlicious meet ball marinara, subway eat fresh. back over to you. >> crews rushed to southeast baltimore where a tractor- trailer overturned. they were over the 2200 block, some fuel did leak from the truck but it's unclear how much t driver was able to get out of the truck safely. world leaders sit down in washington today to talk about how to keep nuclear arms out of the hands of terrorists, catherine brown reports for wjz with the latest from the white house. president obama summoned world leaders to washington to
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try to keep nuclear weapons out of terrorist hands, ahead of the nuclear summit official start the president and vice president had a jam-packed day. vice president biden hosted some of the 46 foreign leaders for lunch. >> controlling all nuclear materials that can produce a bomb is in the interest of every one of us gathered around this table and everyone in the world. >> reporter: president obama held one-on-one talks with his counterparts, including chinese president hu jintao. he wants both china and russia to support tougher sanctions, neither iran nor north korea got invitation to the summit. the u.s. charges both countries with violating the nuclear proliferation agreement. the u.s. isn't promising a bold new strategy before it wraps up tuesday night but the president says he feels good about what he is hearing. today the ukraine committed to getting red of their highly
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enriched uranium by 2012. he says there's an urgent need for a global plan. >> al queda has been engaged in the effort to acquire a nuclear weapon for over 15 years. >> reporter: president obama set a four-year goal to lock down all nuclear materials worldwide with an estimated 3 1/2 million pounds of enriched uranium spread across 40 countries it's a tall order. >> that is enough nuclear materials to build well over 120,000 nuclear weapons. . still ahead on eyewitness news, being called a monstrous deed. an american woman returning her adopted son back to russia alone. >> and the 18 u.s. airlines are ranked in order for over all quality. we'll tell you the best and the worst. worldwide audience. thousands egg on hatching online. >> it's a lovely kay. we'll get the first warning
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forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues. with kai jackson, mary bubala, and first warning weather with bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods, and sports with mark ,,
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. at least 200 people in new york are homeless today following a seven an large fire, it spread to four different buildings on manhattan's lower east side. two people were critically injured from smoke inhalation. the american red cross is attempting to place the residents. the russian government is taking action after an american woman sends her newly adopted son back to his homeland. the incident prompted russia to wave off any other potential american adoptions. >> reporter: torre hanson's decision to send her adopted son packing has sparked international outrage. russian authorities have temporarily suspended adoptions by american families after the tennessee mom sent the 10-year- old on a one way trip back to
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his homeland alone. >> if russia chooses to suspend these adoptions these are russian citizens, that's their right. we would like to see the adoptions continue and we share that concern. >> reporter: when he arrived in moscow he was carrying a note he carried a note saying "i'm sorry to say that for the safety of my family friends and myself i no longer want to parent this child." it goes on to say he is psychotic. he was seen, he said no but guess toured that his hair had been pulled. shelbyville neighbors had mixed feelings over her decision to return the child. >> i hope everything works out for her. and get this all resolved. >> they ought to give her jail time for sending that kid back over that way. >> reporter: they say hanson
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had other options. >> this child could have been placed with a qualified licensed agency for placement services so that that we could have found a family. >> reporter: an official in moscow says three russian families are already eager to give the boy a new home. the u.s. and russia are now trying to determine what the future of adoption relations between the two countries will be. whitt job stop, wjz, eyewitness news. the u.s. embassy says that a delegation of high-level state department officials will visit moscow to discuss the status of future adoptions. a milestone on wall street today. the dow officially crossed the 11,000 mark today. the dow is up 9 to close at 11,006 and the s & p is up 2, the nasdaq is up 4. let's go to new york where we have tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: a new survey cast
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doubt on a big economic turn around neck year. the survey says the unemployment rate will remain high and fall to -8g .4% from as a result, they believe the federal reserve will need to keep interest rates close to 0% at least until the end of this year. shares of cell phone maker palm are rallying high on speculation the company is looking for a buyer. bloomberg news says the company has hired a team of investment bankers and could put it on the block as early as this week. the stock has tumbled more than 50% over the last three weeks as palm's smart phones struggled to compete with iphone and blackberry. the 2009 airline quality award goes to hawaiian airlines. they rank the country's busiest airlines for mishandled baggage, hawaiian has been ranked first three out of the last four years. finishing in second place with
4:19 pm
airtran and at the very bottom of the list were american eagle, atlantic southeast, and calm air. for more news click on cbs money in no, i'm fernie that robi. you have been told not to build houses of straw or sticks but what about coasters? a german man put himself in the record books after building a room built out of beer coasters. once it was recorded he had some fun, he pulled them apart with a piece of string. they all came tumbling down. after doing that i'd have to leave it up so people could see it for a while. >> yeah. >> he fell down. >> what if somebody says okay, now you had some fun, you got to clean it up. >> exactly. >> you have a half hour to do that. >> i'm thinking he has people to do that. >> or open a beer and get to, would, something like that.
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>> yeah, that will take a week or so for him to do that. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00, sparring the rod, does it really spoil the child? the best way to discipline your children. >> reporter: prices at the ump going up just about as fast as the temperatures. derek balfour coming up on eyewitness news. we'll talk about how high they are expected to go this summer. . it's sunny and mild but seasonal. meteorologist bernadette woods has some more changes coming. wjz13 is on for the top stories for instant updates and the first warning weather forecast all the time. forecast all the time. click on ,, .4
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now first warning weather, the first forecast of severe weather. and that is a beautiful picture from the wjz out back. gorgeous. >> we welcome marry back. we missed her. >> yes. >> is it like me, everything buzzed out and flowers. >> he is really in tune with the trees around here and he says this is the quickest he has seen everything explode in all of his years. but not only the sunshine and the warmth but everything is
4:24 pm
green again. that is wreaking some havoc on the allergies but it looks perfect while it's happening. temperature-wise up to 70 degrees so far, above that average of 63, we're actually going to stay above most of the forecast but we do have a dip coming and it comes tomorrow. and right now it 69 degrees in baltimore, 72 in cumberland, a bit cooler, 61 in ocean city. the wind is pretty light out there, generally been out of the north because a front moved through overnight. now there's not a whole lot to that front. this was it. it is pretty much out of here. but stalling out just off to our south. going to come back into play because at the same time there's another storm approaching. the combination of the two are gonna bring back some clouds tonight into tomorrow and a chance for rain. that's when we're going to take a hit on the temperatures. behind the front there is some cooler air. we haven't really gotten in on it yet. but as the clouds come in tonight and the rain returns tomorrow those highs are going to be held down in the 50s, however on wednesday all of this gets out of here.
4:25 pm
we're going to see the sunshine return in the afternoon, we get back up close to our averages, that is before the warmup kicks in once again. the warm front right here is going to lift up to the north and behind it another round of pretty warm air that will settle in for the end of the week. so we put all that together, looks like this for the forecast. on the waters, northeast wind, bay temp. up to 59 degrees, sunset now 7:42, later and later every day. so the forecast looks like this tonight. we're going to see part partly to mostly cloudy skies, clouds starting to come in later tonight. 44 for the low. then tomorrow the clouds really get sucked in, we're going to see that rain move in also, 53 for our highs, so a much cooler day tomorrow. this isn't going to last that long, out of here wednesday, sunshine breaks when we warm up again by the end of the week already. >> and we cannot complain. >> right. >> thanks. don't miss tonight's cbs prime time lineup.
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"csi" miami, our news at 11:00. and straight ahead on news at 4:00, factor fiction, is the president considering hillary rod lamb clinton for the u.s. supreme court. a message from the vatican on clerical sex abuse. but is it going far enough. terrorists in a failed plot to blow up new york city subways. recovery mission. searchers go back inside a coalmine to pull out more coalmine to pull out more bodies as federal investigators,
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it's the chevy spring event. and everyone deserves a car they can count on. one that's backed by a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.
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and named a consumers digest best buy, two years in a row. discover malibu for yourself and see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevy dealer dot com. this is wjz tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland as news station. hello, thanks for staying with eyewitness news, i'm denise colts. >> i'm vick carter. here is what people are talking about. >> federal investigators arrived in west virginia. they ever looking into what caused the coalmine explosion that killed 29 people.
4:30 pm
as jim axelrod reports search teams are still trying to recover more bodies. >> massey energy has a record with plenty to exam in. in 2009 they had 425 safety violations. the investigation will take months to complete. >> if you're not using that history of violations, to make sure miners aren't put at risk it is useless. >> jason adkins. >> it was a grime weekend here in southern west virginia. bells tolled in churches. >> william roosevelt lynch. >> reporter: after the bodies of the four missing miners were found saturday morning, and west virginia began to mourn. >> can you just say thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you coalminers. [ applause ] >> reporter: an eight-year-old,
4:31 pm
the son and grandson of miners, seemed to sum it up best. >> i say this is heartbreaking. everybody must pray for this accident and pray for our coalminers. please. please pray for them. . west virginia governor is leading a memorial today for victims of a previous mining catastrophe. he will place a wreath at a statue of the 12 men who will have the their life there four years ago. kai is in the newsroom to explain the vteye can ace announcement. >> reporter: they post add new guide on the web site saying that bishops and other high ranking clergy should report abuse to the police. this is the first time an explicit policy has been made public. civil law concerning reporting of crimes to civil authorities should always be followed. this comes as the vatican is
4:32 pm
accused of covering up years of clerical abuse. others say it doesn't go far enough. >> the vatican is not explaining why it made the changes to the guidelines. new details about the foiled plot to blow up new york's subway system. a fourth suspect has been arrested and investigators say the planned attack could have caused more damage than they originally feared. >> reporter: from high school classmates to suspected terrorists, that's how federal prosecutors characterized nazi beautiful a badgey's circle of friends. another unidentified suspect at queen's flushing high school will soon be extradited back to the u.s. following history sent arrest in pakistan. all four men stand accused of orchestrating a plan to blow up the city's subway system and might have gotten away with the attack if investigators hadn't caught on to them. >> it could have been devastating. >> reporter: zazi initially denied his involvement.
4:33 pm
>> i have nothing to do with al queda. >> reporter: but back in february he con felled his role in brooklyn federal court, and plea agreement. he said they planned to strap explosives to their bodies, head to the grand central and times square station its and board trains on the 1, 2, 3, and 6 lines at the height of rush hour. this was all supposed to take place a few days after last year's 9/11 celebration. there is nothing satisfying about u.s. attorney general's eric holtz's assessment of the busted terrorist plot. >> this was one of the most serious threats since september 11th 2001. >> they were modeled after the 2005 bottom its on the london system when four suicide bombers killed 52 people. the rumor that secretary of state hillary clinton could be nominated for the supreme court is simply that, a road victory
4:34 pm
more. president obama will not be nominating clinton to the supreme court. the idea came about when news senator, a top republican, said he had heard her name mentioned on capitol hill in connection with the job. the associated press is reporting president obama is considering federal judge sidney thomas of montana for the opening. a new report ranks airline quality from best to worst. marry is live in the newsroom to explain what you need to know before you book your next flight. >> hope it's to hawaii because a new study shows hawaiian airlines did the best job inform flyers. airtran came in a close second, mostly due to its low rate of losing or mishandling bags. southwest airlines had the lowest passenger complaint rate while delta had the worst baggage and highest number of complaints out of all 18 airlines in the study. at the very bottom of the overall quality list are american eagle. atlantic southeast and calm air. vick, back to you. >> thank you. researchers say fewer passengers boarded planes last
4:35 pm
year but those who did were generally treated better that in the past. drivers are watching as gas prices climb. the average price per gallon of regular is inching closer to $3. derek val court explains what is behind the gum happen in the this report. >> reporter: chances are you've noticed it too. gas prices are slowly inching their way closer to the $3 mark. no need to tell loyola college student an person, filling her tank cost $67. it limits me to where i can drive too. >> reporter: as the temperatures go up every spring it seems, so too does the price per gallon, and with the summer vacation season just around the corner the road trip will cost you more than last year. already some baltimore gas stations are close to $3 better gallon. >> i got to deal with it you know. >> does it break the bank? >> a little bit. a lot a bit. >> right now the average price better goon sits at $2.84 in line with the national average
4:36 pm
and up 81 cents from where it was one year ago. blame it on the rising crude oil prices and the weather. >> when we get into the fall and summer they switch to the more cleaner burning summer blends, they are a little more expensive than the winter blends but they are better on the environment. >> reporter: aaa says while prices from going up they don't expect a repeat of the $4 gallons in 2008. >> but there is some sight. once we hit august we tend to see prices decline. >> reporter: for now they know there are few options to get your gas prices low? get a decent car that gets good gas mileage. >> we could be looking at a couple of months of increases. last year they peaked in mid- june. energy analysts say there has been a decline in crude oil imports from cheaper suppliers forcing the u.s. to import from expensive suppliers like russia. >> take a live look outside, a few scattered clouds, the sun
4:37 pm
is shining through behind the trees there. but is there colder air moving our way. wjz has weather and traffic together. bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers. bernadette. >> it is fantastic outside but we do have a bit of a bump on the road tomorrow. first warning doppler radar, nothing going on in our area right now but when we open this up you can see that not that far off to the northwest here is the next storm moving our way tomorrow. cloud in overnight. when that happens it's going to keep our temperatures down, probably only topping out in the 50s tomorrow afternoon, but it will be short lived, sunshine returns later wednesday, we'll have the forecast coming up. bernice. >> thank you bernadette. let's check on the roads with kristi breast lynn. traffic control. hi denise. we're not doing too badly on the roadways. a couple of accidents and minor delays. we do have an accident there, allen wood road at till burn. as far as west side delays, heavy from southwestern boulevard to security boulevard, only about 15
4:38 pm
minutes to get through. the north side outer loop stop and go there from dei lynamy valley road. nothing going to hold you up for too long. a couple of baltimore city accidents, east madison, hill and road at 10 wick. as far as over all travel times, on the inner loop, 83 to 95, 41 minutes to get through. white marsh boulevard, we do have some volume there but nothing too significant. this traffic report is wrought to you by value city furniture. you can always purchase high quality furniture at incredibly low prices. back over to you. the latest internet sensation is attracting millions of viewers. maggie rodriguez explains how a pair of barnyard owls has become a hoot on the web. >> this southern california owl box is totally wired. so when molly threw in and laid eggs cameras were rolling and when the eggs started to hatcher molly and her four little owl let's went vy ram.
4:39 pm
they have now had over 7 million hits. >> it's addictive. they just don't want to leave, they are afraid they are going to miss something. >> reporter: and now carlos royal is bringing his owl cam to the classroom. >> how come molly eats worms and mice. >> they are karen eye officers. >> how long does it tar to the owl let's to go away. >> reporter: students are now learning how far an how many can turn their head. 270 degrees after being hooked on this reality show. >> when they are in the movies they are so used to seeing pretend and fake and now we have been watching molly's owls it peeks their interest. >> thank you mr. royal. both molly the female owl and mcgee the male owl will take care of the owl let's in the nest. >> i have to admit i have been watching them. i watched the little eggs hatched. she barely moves, gets up, adjusts herself. sits back down.
4:40 pm
>> you were watching some other bird. >> yeah, a hmming bird. i like watching birds. still ahead, united in grief. poland mourns the plane crash that killed dozens including the country's president and first lady. to spank or not to spank. new research on what is the proper way to discipline your child. >> it is mostly sunny and very spring-like. your first warning forecast coming up. >> announcer: complete coverage continues with denise coke, vick carter, and first warning weather with bob turk and weather with bob turk and meteorologist ,,,,,,,,,,
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. breaking news to tell you about right now. the team is over a small brush fire in baltimore county. captain paul perry with more. >> this is actually a marsh fire, it happens pretty much this time of year all over the chesapeake bay area. this is in dunn decreek. baltimore county. this is gunpowder state park on the south side. firefighters you see from the baltimore county fire department, their fire boats are here trying to extinguish a marsh fire. no word on what caused it but this very dry marsh grass will
4:44 pm
burn rather rapidly. looks like 2 acres or so of marsh grass has burned. fire department officials have a pretty good handle on it, rather smokey and allowing smoke to go up into the chase ebeneezer area, no hazard to any housers nearby. >> captain mike perry, thank you very much. three weeks after it sank, they brought an oil ship back to the surface. they used cranes to lift the ship. the military ship sank last month near the yellow sea border with north korea. 46 people were on board and killed. what caused the ship to sinks is still under investigation. new information tonight about the plane crash that killed the president of poland over the weekend. investigators say there were no mechanical problems with the plane. as charlie dog et reports that is little comfort to a country still reeling from the loss. >> reporter: tens of thousands of polish mourners gathered in warsaw to pray and pay their
4:45 pm
respects. they lit candles in tribute to president lech kaczynski, his maria and 94 others who died in a plane crash wednesday. the president's body which has been returned to poland will lie in state starting tuesday. investigators at the crash site weren't able to identify the body of the first lady until monday. people are placing flowers creating a shrine near the wreckage at smolensk in western russia. why the plane crashed is still a mystery. air traffic controllers had urged him not to land because of thick fog. there is speculation the president pressured the pilot to land anyway. but poland's chief prosecutor said he has found no evidence to suggest that was the case. russian aviation officials say a preliminary check of the flight recorders revealed no technical problems with the soviet-built plane. as the investigation continues, poland is preparing for a grand memorial. a month rish official says the
4:46 pm
country wants to hold a state funeral for the president this saturday. but it will be a long time before shocked polish citizens recover from a disaster that wiped out their leadership, including heads of the military, the governor of the central bank, and dozens of top officials. in london, charlie data get a, wzz eyewitness news. at the time of the crash the polish president was heading to a memorial service for thousands of polish officers executed under joseph stalin 70 years ago. back here in united states a virginia woman is lucky to be alive after she drives her car right through a brick wall in salem. she says she was driving around a parking lot when she lost control tv the car. she ended up inside the ticket off r office of a minor league baseball team. no one was hurt but the woman was charged with reckless driving. no classes today at an elementary school in moyes. dozens of neighbors looked on the school burned to the ground on sunday. firefighters from two states were called in to put out the
4:47 pm
flames. the excuse still is under investigation. spanking your children, only leads to more bad behavior, that is the finding of a new study on childhood development. kai is in the newsroom with more on this story. >> reporter: the study found that children who are spanked at age 3 are due to act more aggressively at age 5. it was from tulane university in new orleans. spanking did little to discourage bad behavior but could also lead tow more aggressive behavior later in the child's life. the professor encourages parents to focus on non- physical forms of discipline such as time outs. denise. >> thank you kai. the study will be published in the may issue of the pediatric journal. conan o'brien is coming back to late night tv. the show will air at 11:00 p.m. pushing the lopez tonight and george lopez into the midnight time slot. he left long time home nbc in
4:48 pm
january amid a fight over time slots with funny man jay leno. we have more from hollywood. >> coming up on entertainment tonight, blow "glee" goes vogue. we are at their photo shoot. the breakout hit of the season returns tomorrow night but next week's episode that has the cast filled with glee. ♪[ music ] >> the episode will feature 10 madonna shows with costar leah mcdonald singing six of them. >> i love madonna. >> how about costar matthew morrisonn. >> i've never been a madonna fan. >> how dare you. sack risk lane to offend h ma con a. >> you should see the faces. >> he didn't grow up in the 80, either. >> i said i am not a madonna fan and i just got gassed.
4:49 pm
>> there's even more reason to celebrate. the cast in full mash regalia rocks the cover of the new tv guide magazine on thursday. the layout had the cast vogueing like there was no tomorrow. >> i grew up in the '80s, so she provided the sound track of my dance life. >> a fun episode. also inside the new oprah tell-all. did she really have a sikh retro man's with jon teddy bear. and nichey nash from our exclusive. coming up later right here on entertainment tonight. that's at 7:30 right here on wjz13. the swans marched in germany to their home on the river. they came out of high better nation in hamburg today. the, with the help of the city's swan caretaker, he has the task of herding the birds out of their winter quarters and back onto the al sister river for springtime. >> he must speak swan.
4:50 pm
>> or something. yeah, must speak swan. >> i didn't know that they hibernated. all right. a few clouds in the sky but mostly sunny and mild. >> bernadette woods has your >> bernadette woods has your first alert weather ,,,,,,,,,, z
4:51 pm
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>> announcer: in our, breaking weather, complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >> beautiful day outside today. nice day to be outside. >> just about perfect. >> look at that. this is absolutely fantastic. you can see all that green. everything has popped and filled out. as we were saying the last half hour, not doing so well for the allergies but does look pretty. temperature-wise topped out so far today at 70 degrees. above that average of 63, now tomorrow we're going to take a dip but we're going back up later this week again. this is how it looks around the state. a little cooler at ocean city 61 degrees, 72 at cumberland, and 69 degrees in baltimore. dewpoint way down to 30 degrees. that's how dry this air is. and that's with the please that feels so nice out there. the breeze has been generally
4:54 pm
out of the north tonight, a cold front pushed through, not a whole lot to that front because the air was so dry but that is just off to our south. at the same time you see this mess off to our northwest. that is what is going to start to move our way. this is how it works out. with the front stalling off to our south it's going to setup a boundary. at the same time the moisture is going to come from the second front running into this boundary, it's going to take over tomorrow, a little bit of rain break out tomorrow too. at the same time. the cooler air on the northern sides of this front is going to come in and highs are going to get held down, topping out in the 50s tomorrow. after 70 today. however, when all of this breaks up and moves on, we're warming back up again for the end of the week. so here is that front stalling out, here is the second front coming in from the northwest. going to see that rain brake out tomorrow, starts to break up wednesday morning. clouds wednesday morning will eventually give way to sunshine in the afternoon and highs still held down in the 60s but by thursday and friday as this
4:55 pm
warm front crosses the area it's going to return and back up into the 70s, winds out of the northeast, sunset 7:42. forecast, for tuesday, we head through the afternoon you can see. the clouds start to come in tonight, going to take over tomorrow, then the rain breaks out as we head through the day, going to be a chilly one, highs only in the 50s, tomorrow and in the low 50s in a lot of cases. this is only one day as we start to go back up again already on wednesday. >> okay. >> not too bad. >> we can take a day. >> thank you bernadette. what is coming on the news tonight. closing the budget gap. closing the budget gap. i'm mike helm green at ,,,,
4:56 pm
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coming up, saving jobs. the mayor's plans to get some jobs off the chopping block. working families are standing up to the crime and saying enough is enough. that's coming up. sarah foxwell, tonight her mother's push on standing up for children. wjz news starts right now. closing the gap, a budget plan one step to cutting city jobs, now saves them.
4:59 pm
>> but there is a price the mayor is trying keep jobses off the red. baltimore faces a $120 million budget gap, tonight mayor rollings blake says she knows just what it takes to close it. mike helmgren has more on what closing that budget could cost you the taxpayer, hi mike. >> reporter: nothing is final on all of this. but there are some significant fee increases being proposed including to the income tax, and within the last few minutes, firefighters and police officers have started to rally. it looks like public safety will be spared. the budget ax will largely spare the police and fire departments but to make up for the record $121 million deficit, new fees and taxes will hit just about every part of


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